Anybody can learn to code.Let us show you how.

Codespace will educate people and communities in a collaborative learning environment to help develop real world skills in technology.

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Code is what allows us
to communicate with computers

We use code to build websites and apps, design clothes, publish books, make games and music, and to get the most from technology.

Getting to know code is really important. It means you can be creative with computers, start your own business or boost your earning potential. It is really simple to learn and anyone can do it - not just rocket scientists.

9 in 10 parents want their child to learn computer programming

Only 25% of schools teach computer programming

A computer science major can earn 40% more than the average college student

Why Learn To Code?Code is the World's Most Popular Language

Code is more than instructing a computer to perform certain tasks. Learning code can help expand your cognitive ability to communicate by challenging the brain to recognize different patterns in language, which leads to better understanding different patterns in language structure. In a sense, code is the global language, more common than English, Chinese or Spanish. When you consider every website you may visit, every app you use on your smart phone or even the software you may use in your car, it all depends on someone who can code.

"Technology and computers are very much at the core of our economy going forward. To be prepared for the demands of the 21st century -- and to take advantage of its opportunities -- it is essential that more of our students today learn basic computer programming skills, no matter what field of work they want to pursue." Todd Park, Former U.S. Chief Technology Officer

Critical Thinking

Learning to code helps with focus and analysis skills.

Be Productive

Transform your computer into a power tool and have fun doing it.

Self Help

Coding involves learning how to find answers autonomously.

Nothing's Impossible

Overcome intellectual hurdles to train your brain.

We Make Understanding Code Our #1 PriorityWhy Learn With Codespace?

Simply put, we want to empower the next generation of coders. This is as much a passion as it is a purpose. Through Codespace, we’re committed to teaching people of all ages the fundamentals of coding.

  • Low Student / Teacher Ratio
  • We Make Learning Code Fun
  • Taught by Award-Winning Developers
  • Codespace Supplies Equipment
  • Proven Method of Teaching Code
We’ve spent years creating a curriculum that’s both interactive and effective in teaching the fundamentals of web development. Through our methods, our students leave Codespace with a skill set that’s applicable to what awaits them in the real world.

We are driven to help our students succeed!

Codespace Curriculum

Our Curriculum

We provide an affordable and educational series on web design and development that we call a Series I.

This series will walk students through a brief history of the web, how to create a basic web page using HTML, how to style that web page with CSS and how to add interactivity with JavaScript. Not only do we show students how, but we explain why. We'll reveal other extraordinary "secrets" including the software that is necessary to develop a website.

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Codespace is opening its flagship location in the heart of downtown Northville in the spring of 2016. Additionally, Codespace is working with school administrators throughout the state of Michigan to bring its curriculum and qualified trainers within their respective school systems helping students learn the fundamentals of code. For more information, please contact us below:

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